The corporate world brings to mind faceless, grey entities chasing the almighty dollar. But the passion burning within you for your small business sets you apart, bringing colour and life to your endeavours.

At Joss Belanger Accounting, we appreciate the fire that entrepreneurs like you bring to the world, and it’s our passion to journey with small and medium-sized business owners with big ideas and the drive to coax them into existence.

Stability Amidst Growth

Diving into the business world as an entrepreneur is challenging. It’s full of arcane rules and unseen pitfalls that can catch new business owners unaware. Many aspects of accounting can be overlooked because of the foreign terms and alien concepts.

Joss Belanger Accounting helps you navigate the webbed world of accounting, making plain complex corporate areas so you can focus on running your business– not on crunching the numbers or jumping through hoops.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We offer a personalized approach those large, grey accounting firms cannot – an accounting plan built around your business – your dreams, your colour. We go the extra distance with you, bringing your dreams of a thriving business to reality.

By working closely with you and observing how your business operates, we are able to offer sound financial and business advice where and when it’s needed, all in an effort to help your business grow and succeed.

At Joss Belanger Accounting, we are devoted to building strong relationships with entrepreneurs like you, educating you where your inexperience fails, and helping your business to flourish and bring colour to the grey.